Senior Student:  “Sir, this book seriously sucks.”

Me:  “Jane Austen is beloved around the world and her novels are considered classics.  Just give it a chance.”

Him:  “If I was interested in a bunch of boring people who do nothing and gossip all day, I can hang around the cafeteria.”  

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It would super fantastic if Midol would actually fucking work.

"My dear Jane!” exclaimed Elizabeth, "you are too good. Your sweetness and disinterestedness are really angelic; I do not know what to say to you. I feel as if I had never done you justice, or loved you as you deserve.”

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The minute you start to strategize too much, the more you start to think you’re in control of your own fate. And you’re not, really.

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"North By Northwest" (1959) dir. by Alfred Hitchcock

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Audrey Hepburn. Photographed by Terry O’Neill. (1967)

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Chewbacca / Han Solo Reversible Hoodie

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“Sir, I admit your general rule,
That every poet is a fool,
But you yourself may serve to show it,
That every fool is not a poet.”
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